May 2024

March 2024

The research paper of Aysa and Süer on “Affinity-based engineering of carbon nanotube embedded polyamide membranes for simultaneous desalination and boron removal” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Membrane Science. Congratulations!

Dr. Velioğlu had the opportunity to present her knowledge on membrane technologies at Gebze Technical University, and it was an honor for her to speak to such a bright group of students. She is grateful to Prof. Dr. Işıl Kurnaz for extending the invitation to her and to Prof. Dr. Fikret Yıldız for his support.

February 2024

The review paper of Dr. Sadiye Velioğlu on “Predictive transport modelling in polymeric gas separation membranes: From additive contributions to machine learning” has been accepted for publication in Separation and Purification Technology. It’s been an incredible journey working on this piece. I wish to express my gratitude to Prof. Dr. Birgül Tantekin-Ersolmaz and Dr. H. Enis Karahan for their collaboration on such a comprehensive article.

January 2024

The review paper of Tuğba and Aysa on “Methanol Recovery: Potential of Nanolaminate OSN Membranes” has been accepted for publication in Nanoscale in a themed collection of “Nanoscale 2024 Emerging Investigators”. Congratulations!

December 2023

October 2023

September 2023

The research paper of Şirin, Melih, and Tuğba on “Molecular Simulations of MXene Nanosheet-Based Membranes for Syngas Separation” has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Nano Materials in a special issue of “Women in Nano”. Congratulations!

August 2023

Melih presented his MSc thesis completed under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Sadiye Velioğlu and titled “Computational investigation of the MXene family for different CO2/H2 mixture adsorption processes: VSA, PSA, TSA, VTSA, and PTSA”. Congratulations, and wish him success!

July 2023

The comprehensive review paper of Şirin on “Can MXene be the Effective Nanomaterial Family for the Membrane and Adsorption Technologies to Reach a Sustainable Green World?” has been accepted for publication in ACS OmegaCongratulations!

June 2023

The hard work of the MEM-CES team is in progress 😉

May 2023

April 2023

Two new projects were funded by the 2023 GTU113 BAP ADEP.

  1. “Natural gas purification with hybrid carbon molecular sieve membranes” funded by 2023 GTU113 BAP ADEP, Principal Investigator: Sadiye Velioğlu, 2023-2025.
  2. “MXene-based highly sensitive, cost-effective, scalable, and biodegradable chemosensor for detection of poisonous gases” funded by 2023 GTU113 BAP ADEP, Principal Investigator: Nihan Aydemir, Researcher: Sadiye Velioğlu, 2023-2026.

January 2023

The research paper of Dr. Velioğlu on “Hyperlooping Carbon Nanotube-Graphene Oxide Nanoarchitectonics as Membranes for Ultrafast Organic Solvent Nanofiltration” has been accepted for publication in ASC Materials Letters in collaboration with the experts in membrane technology at Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeCongratulations!

December 2022

September 2022

July 2022

The research paper of Şirin and Melih on “Unveiling the Potential of MXenes for H2 Purification and CO2 Capture as an Emerging Family of Nanomaterials” has been accepted for publication in the AIChE Journal in a special issue of “2022 Futures Issue”. Congratulations!

May 2022

Aysa’s research paper on “Desalination Potential of Aquaporin-Inspired Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes: Bridging Between Simulation and Experiment” has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congratulations!

March 2022

Aysa is awarded to participate in the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, gathering Nobel Laureates and qualified young scientists for scientific exchange between nations, cultures, and disciplines, and taking place in Lindau, Germany, from 26 June to 1 July 2022. Congratulations!

January 2022

Melih’s review paper on “Identification of H2/CO2 Separation Performance of Inorganic Porous Adsorbents via Molecular Simulations” has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Environment and Geoinformatics. Congratulations!

September 2021

Aysa’s research paper on “Carbon Nanotubes Integrated in Polyamide Membranes by Support Pre-Infiltration Improve the Desalination Performance” has been accepted for publication in Carbon. Congratulations!

June 2020

Our project proposal on “Molecular investigation of hydrogen separation potential of MXene nanomaterials for efficient and economical energy production” has been granted by the TÜBİTAK 1001 program.